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Real Estate

 Ontario's often unsettled real estate market requires practical advice in order to maximize opportunities and avoid external risks.   The law office of Shobita Ravindran can help guide you in the area of real estate.  We represent a wide range of clients in residential and commercial real estate matters, and our services include purchases and sales, financing, leasing and construction, to name just a few. 

Wills & Estates

 Drafting your will and planning your estate can be a daunting task. Whether its drafting a simple will or powers of attorney to more complex estate matters, the law office of Shobita Ravindran can assist you to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.  

Corporate Matters

 The legal landscape faced by small business owners, start-ups and corporations is an ever-changing one.  The law office of Shobita Ravindran can help you navigate it.


By providing privacy legal advice; conducting detailed privacy assessments and gap analyses; and developing strong data protection policies and procedures, the law office of Shobita Ravindran is well positioned to help your organization reduce the risk of a privacy breach.